We’re AddVentureDesign

Why AddVentuReDesign?

Add = adding spice and value to our clients’ products, services and ideas.

VentuRe = it’s not a typo of a successful business or image adventure. AddVenture stands for adding vending value, making vending/sales easy and fun. A guided adventure from traditional markets to the world wide web .

ReDesign = redesigning and improving existing websites, designs, logos, etc. complete web presence makeover.

Who are we?

AddVentuReDesign is a team of professional web designers, developers, web and desktop programers, SEO and Social Media professionals, multimedia and presentation specialists, experts in web-technologies, enthusiastic, hard-working and creative minds offering bespoke services for London and the rest of the world.

Our portfolio will give you a glance about our skills and experience than the text above and below. 

What do we do?

  • modern, logical web site design
  • redesign and modernization
  • Search Engine friendly web layout or optimisable design
  • dynamic web-development or CMS (Content Management Suystem)
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • logo design, animation logo development
  • software web and desktop development
  • multimedia presentations
  • multimedia tutors and guides
  • animation
  • corporate and commercial video content creation
  • table top stock and commercial photography for your website
  • and much more …

We avoid patterns, template and matrix way of thinking. We offer bespoke design and your own management over the content of your website. We appreciate non-standard requirements that help to enrich our experience. We offer smart solutions for smart clients. We clearly understand our great potential. We are confident in our skills and fully open to start working with any client.

Benefits from working with AddVentuReDesign

  • Attractive price
  • High-quality job performance
  • Convenience: Working with professionals is always convenient
  • Attitude: Only positive! Even if you have high requirements and complicated project

P.S. We’re also happy to serve the needs of other Web Design Studios in the areas that fall outside their fields of expertise or other reasons. Just get in touch!