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The primary objective of a web site is to meet the requirements of the client. In most cases this would be to attract and convert Internet users into customers, subscribers ... We offer a variety of packages ranging from personal web design to dynamic web design, enabling you to update your own content. The design of the web site is paramount to reassuring, educating and ultimately convincing the viewer that they have come to the right place, or that they have found what they are looking for. It is the responsibly of our the web designers, to produce a suitable design that is attractive to the target market, and doesn't deter people from exploring the web site. Our designers use a variety of techniques and software during the design of a web site. Adobe Photoshop - for mock-ups, Adobe Illustrator - for design elements, Adobe Flash - for animation, movement and interaction on a web site, Adobe Dreamweaver - to assamble and construct all together. CSS - Cascading Style Sheets in conjunction with HTML to design and style the web site from a separate file. The use of CSS brings many advantages including advanced design features, lower file sizes and a universal styling document. Development can be as basic as constructing the design as a web page in HTML, or it can be as complex as using the design to ‘skin’ a complex, Database driven web site. creative design team offers website redesign services that improve not only the overall graphic look but adding usability, fuctionality, and credibility of your existing online presence together with basic SEO optimization. Modern, simple, user-friendly, SEO-friendly and professional - all websites we design face a strict adherence to these standards. Many times the content on your website is great. However, what it lacks often is the impact that a professional designer can add. According to Gartner Group study - 50% of web sales are simply lost? The reason? Either the visitors cannot easily find the content, products, or services they're looking for, or they simply cannot be converted to leads or sales. The result is - 75% + of website traffic are wasted due to lack of "sales-ability." If you are among those investing your precious marketing dollars in website development only to find that your site is not optimized to generate high conversion rates, our website redesign services at are the solution you need to increase your profits and deliver a clear message. In the modern age, a simple static web-site isn't always enough. A cost effective and popular new solution to web-design is the integration of dynamic functionality. can integrate a content management system into your web site, allowing you to instantly update your news, content and images so that your web-site is always up to date. With such functionality installed on your web site you can collect and store client information onto a database, log in and edit your web site from any computer via the internet, add catalogues or downloads to your web site. The possibilities are almost endless. AddVentuRe content management solution gives you complete control over your entire website. You can create new types of product, new sections, articles... All pages within the website may be edited in a easy-to-use environment using your internet browser. The AddVentuRe Content Managent System - "CMS", is also designed with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind. With a Content Management System, the tasks associated with Search Engine Optimisation become simpler - it becomes easy to adjust page headings, keywords, titles, descriptions and content for maximum search engine ranking. Keeping your web site up to date is important - make it easy with the AddVentuRe Content Management System. In addition to web development, offers customized business and technical software applications and services. The range of these applications can be a small application dealing with one core function to a large integrated application encompassing all functional areas of the organization. Our software developer's team has experience on different languages and in-depth knowledge of various technologies/ languages enables us to render various kind of software solutions and services like company services portal development, software development, web development, e-commerce application development software and many more. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) means making sure your web site can be found by search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Does your web-site even appear if you type in your company name? Does your company appear in search engines when you type in your products, services and area coverage? If your company name doesn't appear in search engines, then think of how much traffic and potential custom that your business is missing out on from the internet. Why not let your web site work harder for you by boosting your ranking to generate traffic from search engines with web search engine optimisation? team is not just good web designers, but we also provide Online Marketing services, which is another word for getting your website ranked well on search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN ... Your website needs a number of key elements to feature on the top positions on search engines. Google for example like to promote informative sites with proper content and a genuine linking strategy. We all from work very closely from the very first day and believe that your web site design should be optimized to be search engine friendly, attractive, rich in SEO Web Content, fast-loading and the site should be easy to navigate. Designing your site, by focusing on all of these SEO friendly prerequisites, create loyal customers, brand your business, boost the traffic and convert leads to sales. SEO experts, specialising in a SEO services, provide honest, practical advice on solutions utilising only proven techniques. In consultation, our experts discuss with you, and set, realistic expectations for the results that your website can achieve. Based upon these goals we set milestones and reporting measures to ensure the path to success is outlined. team will develop your company's web pages, taking into account all of the basic markup elements needed for search engine optimization, in the most cost efficient, creative way possible. Contact us today to discuss your web design or search engine optimization requirements. With the power and flexibility of Flash, our animation designers transform a static, boring website into a rich, engaging online multimedia experience. Backed with our artistic skills, they can contribute to a rock-solid brand image. With Flash, we help our clients establish something beyond a mere website. In creating original cutting-edge design there's nothing better than using Flash Web Design! Our specialists excel in deep knowledge of this revolutionary web technology tool and can develop fantastic top quality products which vary from simple Flash presentations, banners, logos and Intro pages up to complete a sophisticated Flash web design. SEO for Flash based sites has always been a hot topic. Common knowledge says that Flash websites cannot be indexed by search engines, however revolutionary new techniques that we use have now changed this. We can make Flash content spiderable and indexable! Well, if you are willing to redesign your website by using latest Flash techniques, trust our web design services. The best present for a family or a married couple is a family web site. A private place for your memories, pictures, friends and family members. The name of the web sites speaks about itself. Cool custom CMS based websites with lots of features like: photo galleries, blogs, sharing options and much more.

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